Funded by DFG


This project targets to design an innovative technique for closure of the incision site in minimally invasive surgeries in coorperation with the MIMED department of the Technical University Munich. Enabled by a novel instrument that is guided through the endoscope channels this approach focuses on patient friendliness. In combination with avoiding insufficiencies and delays during the surgery due to a complicated application, an instrument with a diameter less than 1.8 mm is developed.

The physician is able to connect the lesions’ edges endoscopically. The connection rivets offer sufficient stability during the healing process and are biodegradable. Consequently, extensive follow-up examinations to remove the rivets can be avoided. Further, no knot is required, which results in time savings and facilitates the physicians work.

The quality of the resulting suture is consistent with the outcome of open surgery. This method is flexibly applicable and thus enhances the possibilities of minimal invasive procedures immensely.